The Naspa Views Idea

Products to help building your online presence

We have many reviews of amazing techniques and products from building a website to marketing even which hosting is best to use. Whether it’s affiliate, eCommerce or dropshipping we have proven methods of success.

Marketing is what makes or breaks an online business

Let us say first and foremost that, marketing is the most important aspect of a successful website. Whether it’s Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization or Facebook ads

Tools for success

📈 Search Engine Optimization or SEO

A collection of tools and practices that aid your website in ranking higher in the search engines and improving user experience on the site, which increases overall ‘organic’ traffic and sales of your product

😀 Facebook Ads

Micro-target Facebook users according to their gender, age, among many other specifics, refining demographics based on performance to essentially zero in on  your core customers. It works best if you want results sooner than later. Make eye-grabbing ads, set a call to action and revise your ads based on performance.

💸 Pay Per Click or PPC

A process of paying a fee for each ad clicked that leads to your site instead of trying to earn those visits “organically”. Search engines such as Google are the most common forms of paid advertising.

⚙️ CMS Platforms

WordPress WooCommerce and Shopify are the best routes for eCommerce. WordPress is the most widely used CMS on the internet. When using it you need website hosting which can be a bit pricey if you’re looking to optimize for speed. But we feel we have found great hosting at a very reasonable price.