Must Ask Questions When Hiring An SEO Agency

Must Ask Questions When Hiring An SEO Agency

Hiring an SEO company can help or hinder your progress. A reputed and experienced SEO agency will get you on the right path to making huge profits but at the same time, hiring the wrong company may cripple even your existing traffic.

It is thus important to choose the right SEO company and here we will discuss questions to ask when hiring an SEO agency so that you take an informed decision.

questions to ask:

#1 How will you improve rankings?

This is the most important question to ask an SEO agency. If you are putting your money into SEO, you will obviously want to see results and a good SEO company should be open about telling you their methods of working. The right SEO agency will have a powerful process and they will explain to you their services patiently. Stay away from the companies that are secretive about what they will do; give you jargons or says that it is complex to explain it to you.

#2 How will you use your SEO strategies for my business/niche/industry?

You need to remember the fact that SEO is not one size fits all thing and your SEO agency should have ideas about how your business needs a different approach as per your particular industry. Also, SEO for local business looking forward to attracting customers from several zip codes need a different approach than SEO for big corporations having a global market.

#3 How will you keep us informed about the changes you do on our website?

A reputed SEO agency will provide you reports at regular intervals. The most common frequency you should expect is once per month but some companies even send weekly updates. The very first thing that you should give the chosen SEO agency is access to your site. This will let them work on your site and check what all needs to be corrected or done further. Also, you must ensure that the SEO company you hire is diligent about the site changes they do. If the agency says that they track the changes internally, that is not something to be accepted blindfolded.

#4 When can we expect to see results?

Effective and result oriented SEO definitely takes time. But that should not prevent any agency from providing you a time frame to expect results. You should thus expect to see results anywhere from 6 months of getting started with the SEO agency. If the agency promises you fast results, ask them how can they. In case they tell that some technical factors have to be cleaned up, then it’s a green signal. But if not, they may be using some black hat or outdated techniques and will eventually make your site suffer. So be wary in such cases.

#5 How do your company approach influencer marketing and link building?

You should always see that just one quality link from a reputed site is always better than hundreds of low-quality links from poor ranking sites. Link building is link earning in modern times. It is thus done by providing quality content that in turn drives links organically and building good rapport and relationship with popular influencers. The SEO agency should be able to describe their link building work in terms of quality and not quantity.

So these are the top 5 questions you must ask any SEO company before hiring their services.

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