Facebook PPC Tips for Beginners

Facebook with a whopping 2.47 billion active users that accounts for 59% of the world’s social networking population, is heaven for marketers. Think about it, the ability to micro-target your customers based on their likes and dislikes can make you money far beyond traditional advertising methods.

Although, if it’s as easy as we put in words here, why not businesses are breaking the bank when it comes to Facebook PPC advertising?

Simply, because there is no easy money to be made. Just as Google PPC advertising, Facebook spends millions of dollars to improvise its pay-per-click delivery platform to be fruitful for advertisers. We won’t drag you into the depths of Facebook ads complexity, but generously share some tips you must know as a beginner.

1. Utilize Page Post Engagement Ads

As a beginner, you might be under the impression that if your Facebook Business Page has thousands of likes then anything you post on the page will organically reach most of the followers.

However, Facebook’s algorithm prevents this and you can expect the maximum organic post reach on your Facebook page to be around 20%, i.e., if you have 100 followers, only 20 of them will get to see organically what you post on the page.

Page post engagement ads are a solid fix to end your struggle with reaching maximum followers.  

Engagement ads are easy to set up and you can choose from an array of targeting options to get your content in front of new users.

2. Why videos when Facebook GIF Ads can do it 

Look at the statistics below:

The shorter a video ad is, the more viewership it gets.

We bet you didn’t know that you will be better off with a 10 seconds GIF rather than a 5-minute Facebook video ad. Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) is a bridge between images and videos, that get you the same engagement as video ads without requiring nearly the amount of time and resources to make.

3. For eCommerce use Facebook Carousel Ads

Facebook Carousel ads are tailor-made for displaying multiple eCommerce products in a single, swipe-able ad.

You can display up to 10 product images or videos, all with different CTAs. It means in a single ad, you can link to up to 10 different landing pages. There can be no better way to boost your online sales.

4. Exploit Facebook Analytics for information 

Just as Google’s Analytics, Facebook Analytics comes with a dashboard full of features to see how your customers and prospects interact with your website, app, Facebook page, etc. Even recently, at F8—Facebook’s annual developer conference, the social networking giant introduced some excellent features, most talked of which are:

  1. A new mobile app to review the metrics of your paid social campaigns.
  2. Auto-detected funnels that use artificial intelligence to find recurring paths within your site or app that users take.
  3. Custom insights to generate custom insights more tailored for your business goals using Facebook Analytics.

All you need to do to avail these features is to put the Facebook Pixel code on your website or app.

5. Don’t blame a small budget 

As a beginner, you might be under impression that a huge budget is the secret of success with Facebook PPC advertising. Fortunately, it’s rather about maximizing your existing budget and optimizing your campaigns.

WordStream has an excellent guide for Creating Facebook Ad Campaigns on a Budget. We recommend you to utilize to optimize your existing or new campaigns.

Facebook Ads offer you a lot of options, learn how to take advantage of their PPC program to your advantage instead of your detriment with these easy to implement tips.