How Long Does it Typically Take to Reach Page 1 on Google with SEO?

The most controversial question you can ask any SEO company is how long will it take to rank your website on the first page on Google.

If you expect us to provide you the most concise answer then it will be: It Depends.

We know this can be a frustrating answer and not what you might be expecting but you have to understand how Google works in 2021.

Ranking a page on top position with SEOrequires a much more strategic approach than building spammy backlinks.

There are over thousands of factors that decide how long it will take to rank on page 1. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question.

A more calculated and balanced answer 

Your Domain Rank/Authority Matters

If your website domain is new, then it will take you a bit longer to rank. It all comes down to domain authority. Any increase in your domain authority will directly impact the ranking of the web pages.

Many beginners mistakenly think that getting backlinks from super popular domains (,, etc.) will be more beneficial. Rather, your focus must be on getting links from low-rated domains with a small number of linked domains.

Fresh Content Ranks Quickly 

Google has become a lot smarter at ranking fresh content. Today Google prioritizes ranking new content or the content that has fresh factors. If your web page is new or its content is updated frequently, then you can expect to rank faster. 

How long do you spend on link building?

After posting new content, how much time do you spend building backlinks for the same? 

It is a tendency among marketers to give up on link building after only a few months. Link building can be time-consuming and expensive if you outsource, but eventually, you will see results if you don’t give up. 

Over the time, you will see volatility in SERPs but gradual days of link building when you do not see any progress, you are actually building a solid foundation for eventual ranking. Google will know your continuing pattern of high-quality links and you will gain momentum with time. 

This momentum will drive you to the top position in Google.

Build links for the first 1.8 months as quickly as possible 

In an elaborative study by Neil Patel, he found that the first 1.8-month window is the most critical period to get your newly created content ranked on page 1. This is the period of maximum freshness and Google wants to rank it, but you will need to provide a little assurance to Google that your content is worth pushing at the top.

This assurance comes from high-quality link building.

If you will until after two months to build links, that it will be a lot more challenging for you to get your content ranked.


Here’s a round-up of how long it takes to reach page 1 in Google, given your Domain Rank and number of backlinking domains: 

Link building works. 

The secret to eventually rank on page 1 is to methodologically, carefully, and cautiously build high-quality links.