Tips on Staying Motivated While Working Remotely

Working remotely comes with its perks. You have the comfort of working from home, be close to family or roommates, and have no strict work environment. While reports suggest that working from home can improve your productivity, they also warn against getting distracted too often.

If you are finding it hard to get into your usual work groove when working remotely, these tips will keep you motivated.

1. Start with creating a home office 

When at home, we are forced to act at home. We can sit on the couch, binge-watching television or keep snacking in the kitchen, but your favorite home activities are going to spoil your focus.

To be truly productive while working remotely, you need a create a dedicated office space. Keep your home office space free of distractions and set ground rules with your family or roommates about visiting the space when you are working. You can even consider renting comfortable office space near your home.

2. Wake up early 

We all hate getting up early when we have to be at work at 8:00 every morning. When working remotely, there is no pressure to wake up early, hence the desire to stay in bed and take it slow, compounds.

If you want to stay motivated, set a specific time to wake up every day and stick to the routine. If you are not a morning person, alright no harm is done. Studies show that night people are often more creative. The key here is to maintain a regular routine, wake up at a set point every day not necessarily early morning (if you are not a morning person).

3. Utilize productivity software

There are several tools available to keep you organized and motivated. For remote workers some of the best productivity software include:

  1. Slack –for best team communication
  2. Dropbox –a secured cloud file sharing app
  3. Focus Booster – app for time tracking to stay focused on the task at hand
  4. Asana – for keeping track of projects, view upcoming deadlines and submit work
  5. Zoom-video conferencing software for teams

4. Get dress for work

While not wearing your pants when working from home can be a pretty awesome accomplishment to brag about to your friends, unfortunately, it doesn’t help your productivity and motivation.

Studies have found that when you dress for work even working remotely, you get more productive. Dressing right makes you feel more powerful, boosts your confidence, improves your abstract thinking, and helps you focus on the bigger picture. Wearing nice clothes even when you work from the home office, you feel better and motivated.

5. Give yourself breaks

Don’t think forcing yourself to be more productive by working long hours will help. Not allowing yourself enough time to rest and recuperate will leave you burnt out by the afternoon. Make sure your lunchtime is away from your work desk and you are just focusing on your lunch. This will rejuvenate your mind and you will be motivated to work through the day.

Staying motivated when working remotely is the key to boost productivity, we hope these tips help.