Best Online Photoshop Courses

Adobe Photoshop is probably the most popular photo editor. However, just calling it a photo editor doesn’t do justice to the capabilities of what this software is capable of doing. Not just editing images, but with Photoshop, you can design graphics, paint digital art and do a lot more.

The award-winning software is used by millions globally across fields including web developers, photographers, graphic designers, filmmakers, and many more. Adobe keeps improving the capability of Photoshop by adding more tools to the mix. For first-time users, the busy interface of this software can be intimidating.

This is why we have put together this guide to help you choose a course that will enable you to get the most out of Photoshop.

1. Adobe’s Photoshop Get Started course

We picked this course simply because it is provided by the software creator itself. Further, it is a free course designed for beginners and covers a lot of ground.

Photoshop Get Started is a collection of video courses that is the ideal starting point to know the software. The course starts with familiarising beginners with the app’s interface and tools. Then it progresses to more sophisticated functions and features such as layers and selections. At the end of each course, the new skill is put to test by retouching images and other tasks.

2. CreativeLive Adobe Photoshop CC: The Complete Guide 

This particular Photoshop class is consistently receiving stellar reviews. A 24-hour course spread over 21 lessons, it is designed to make you from novice to master. Ben Wilmore, the creator of this complete guide course has already taught more than 100,000 Photoshop users.

This course covers everything from image and photo manipulation to graphics and artwork creation. It also teaches you how to use the RAW files from your camera and edit every aspect of an image to get the best results. You will also learn how to accelerate your workflow with keyboard shortcuts.

However, this course is not free and will cost you $ 59. But it is an extremely affordable and quality Photoshop course.

3. SkillShare’s Adobe Photoshop CC – Advanced Training Course

This course is for advanced users who want to get deeper into the capabilities of Photoshop. Once you have mastered the basics of using the software, you can take this course to get more efficient. This comprises of 13 hours of video lectures course is offered by an Adobe certified instructor.

As you can get from the title, this Photoshop course is for those who have a working knowledge of the software. In over 100 lessons, you will learn about mastering teeth and eye corrections, creating all sorts of trending visual styles, and also how to edit videos.

4. Udemy’s Photoshop and Photography Digital Art Compositing Course

If you are a photographer who is interested in mastering Photoshop, then this Udemy course will teach you the best of photography and Photoshop. Even beginners can take this course to learn from a Photoshop expert. This course will teach you about the different aspects of setting up and capturing the shots and postproduction work in Photoshop.

We hope these courses will help you master Photoshop in no time.