Best Products To Sell On eBay In 2021

You must have heard that anyone can sell on eBay. As one of the most popular global online marketplaces, eBay is one of the favorite platforms for online buyers. In 2020, the eCommerce giant increased its revenue by 18% to over $ 2.8 billion.

Without a doubt, eBay is an excellent and powerful platform to start your eCommerce venture but remember with over 1.3 billion active listings, the competition is fierce. Picking a product at random and setting up your online store on eBay is hardly going to materialize your eCommerce dream, instead, you have to choose the best-selling products through research.

This article is all about making you a successful eBay seller in 2021. We have put in efforts to find out the winning products to sell on this booming marketplace and generate huge profits.

What Sells Best on eBay?

After researching over 50 categories and hundreds of products, here are our recommended best products to sell on eBay in 2021.

1. Electronics and Tablets/Desktop

According to eMarketer, Computer and consumer electronics made up a 22% share of US retail eCommerce sales in 2020. On eBay, consumer electronics products remain one of the top-selling items. However, given this category is large, you need to pick more specific items. Speakers, headphones, and automated home appliances like TV, ovens, smart speakers, computers, tablets, and laptops are the most popular items.

In 2021, headphones and smart speakers are the two hottest selling items on eBay. Also, shoppers tend to buy branded items more than generic products. Brands like JBL, Sony, Apple, and Samsung are most popular on eBay.

2. Mobiles and Accessories

Mobiles and accessories are also ruling the eBay marketplace because as technology is growing, newer and better models of gadgets with more features are introduced. As the buyers’ decision is based on the latest features in a phone or accessory, these items are not only the best bet but also the fastest-selling items on eBay.

Look at the statistics to get an overview of how massively popular mobiles and accessories are. On eBay, 65,000 units of tempered glass screen protectors are sold every day followed by 55,000 units of silicon iPhone cases and 28,000 units of in-car iPhone holders.

Among the most popular brands in this category are Apple, Samsung, Spigen, Otterbox, and Mybat.

3. Clothing and Shoes 

Another lucrative industry for eBay sellers is clothing and shoes. The reach of products from this category is global and eBay allows you to market, sell and fulfill orders globally.

From the clothing category, the best-selling items on eBay in 2021 are jeans, men’s hats, and men’s T-shirts. Caps and wool watch cap style are the most sold items in the men’s hats category. Furthermore, shoppers are more interested in items from brands like Nike, Rothco, and Adidas.

The most popular products on eBay for shoes are sneakers and running shoes. If you plan to sell shoes, pick products from brands like Nike, Puma, and Adidas. Men’s Athletic shoes are also massively popular on eBay.

4. Health and Beauty

Health and beauty essentials are used every day by customers. If you’re thinking about selling on eBay, why not choose a product that is used regularly by shoppers. Products like skincare, dietary supplements, vitamins, and perfume are the best-selling ones on eBay. In the beauty category, makeup products, body and hair oils, and moisturizing creams are the most selling.

Brands like GNC, Optimum Nutrition, Great Healthworks, and Life Wantage are popular on eBay for vitamins and mineral supplements. Moroccan oil has been one of the top-selling products year after year in the beauty category.

5. Fitness 

Post COVID-19, the demand for health and fitness products has soared globally. As more and more people are focusing on a healthy lifestyle, fitness items are becoming one of the best products to sell on eBay in 2021.

According to eBay statistics, the top products in this category are aerobic step, suspension trainer, and resistance loop bands. Such fitness gear can be easily used by shoppers at home and does not require much space or assembly. Yoga equipment is also popular on eBay and you can include it in your list of products to sell.

6. Jewelry and Watches

As compared to electronics and fitness equipment, jewelry and watches are comparatively easy to ship and have fewer shipping restrictions. Also, according to Statista, global online jewelry sale is expected to grow from $340 billion by 2023 to $645 billion by 2035. These products are ideal to sell on one of the largest global eCommerce platforms like eBay.

The best-selling items in this category remain fashion necklaces and pendants, wristwatch bands, and wristwatches. To sell these products, the auction-style listing on eBay is an excellent feature, especially if you are selling secondhand pieces.

7. Video Games

Video games and video consoles are one of the most popular products to sell on eBay. As most millennials spend a great deal of their time playing games, there is an increasing demand for these items.

If you want to sell game controllers, products from Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony are the most popular. The Xbox One controller from Microsoft is a particularly popular item on eBay which is one of the best-selling products.

About video games, the most popular products on eBay are Super Ninja Boy and Final Fantasy 2. However, these games are quite expensive sold at a unit price of $2000. You can make entry into this market on eBay by selling video game controllers and video game merchandise, as they are more affordable.


Selling on eBay is easy, the real challenge is choosing the right product. After reading this article, you must have got a clear overview of the best products to sell on eBay in 2021. As other sellers are profiting by selling these products, we are sure you have a good chance of successfully picking from the listed product categories.

Just keep in mind to start small, experiment, optimize and grow your product catalog as you understand the demand of your target customers on eBay.