Best Front End Editors

Best Code Editors for front end developers

For front end developers, code editors are probably the most important tools. Developers are more or less like writers, having their unique style of coding. Similarly, not every code editor is suitable for every developer. Based on the workflow and goals, choosing the right editor can save you a lot of time and improve the quality of your code significantly.

Here we are going to list the best cross-platform code editors for front-end developers. We have chosen the ones that run on major operating systems.

1. Atom

An open-source and free code editor created by GitHub, Atom was first released to the public in 2014. Due to its advanced features, this code editor has become very popular among front-end developers.

With an exceptionally well-designed UI, it comes with the ability to split the interface into different panes, built-in package manager, file system browsing, smart autocompletion capability, and an easy-to-use find-replace feature among other features.


  • Open-source and free
  • Several customization options
  • Git integration
  • Built-in package manager
  • Easy-to-install packages

2. Brackets

Adobe Systems created Brackets especially for web designers and front-end developers. It is an excellent source code editor for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming. A feature that we find awesome is its ability to establish a real-time connection with the Google Chrome browser.

In addition to the feature of vertical or horizontal planes for side-by-side coding like the conventional code editors, Brackets also allows for in-line editing which is an excellent addition to its features. It also supports Sass and LESS.


  • Preprocessor support
  • Most lightweight
  • Visual tools for front-end development
  • Open-source and free
  • By default syncs with Google Chrome

3. Sublime Text

Sublime Text is one of the most popular source code editors within the front-end developer community. Although not free, it comes with a free trial.

One of the most popular features of this code editor is the Goto Anything command. It allows you to quickly open files or jump to any word, symbol, or line. It comes with multiple selections and split editing options along with a sophisticated Command Palette, and a huge package ecosystem.


  • Advanced package ecosystem
  • Goto Anything and Multiple Selection features
  • Instant project switch
  • Great performance on any platform

4. Visual Studio Code

Offered by Microsoft, Visual Studio Code is a code editor for front-end developers that is built on top of Atom’s open source components. However, to make it better, Microsoft has removed some of the features and added some of their own.

This free and open-source code editor is faster than Atom and comes with some excellent features that improve the development workflow. Apart from the built-in debugger and Git support, one of its most notable features is IntelliSense auto complete.


  • Diverse extension ecosystem
  • Free and open-source
  • IntelliSense auto-complete feature
  • Built-in Git integration
  • Built-in debugger

5. Light Table 

Light Table is a sleek and streamlined code editor that has a very clean user interface. Currently, this code editor for front-end developers supports HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Clojure, ClojureScript, and Python.

It allows in-line evaluation within the code. The watches feature allows you to keep track of any important value within your code. An exceptional feature of this code editor is the ability to embed anything in your projects such as graphs, visualizations, and games.


  • Embed Anything feature
  • Inline evaluation and watches
  • Fast, clutter-free interface
  • Free and open-source

We hope you will find these code editors’ best fit for your front-end development needs.