Facebook SMM tools

Facebook with over 2 billion monthly active users is a goldmine for generating revenue. If you are planning to squeeze more juice out of your Facebook social media marketing campaigns, then you will need to use tools that give you insights that help you get more visibility and traction for your posts. Whether you are low on resources or manpower, here are the best Facebook SMM tools that are going to help you make your marketing campaign super effective.

Fanpage Karma

Fanpage Karma is a tool that can analyze your competitors’ accounts not only on Facebook but on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube as well.

This robust Facebook SMM tool can provide free comparative analytics across several metrics like engagement, keywords, most-used content sources, growth, engagement by day and time, frequency, post type and supporters, top posts, and many others.

With the free plan, you get a detailed 90-day analysis for one Facebook page. You can also generate weekly reports and alerts with the free plan.

For more robust analytics and features such as PowerPoint reports and exportable Excel files, you have to upgrade to the premium plan.


The true strength of Facebook marketing lies in posting a steady stream of an interesting and relevant content on your profile wall. We don’t have to remind you how huge pain it is to find share-worthy content.

This is why DrumUp is the ultimate tool for scavenging the most engaging stories for your Facebook wall. With this free tool, you can keep your audience engaged with the content that is the right fit for them. This is an excellent Facebook SMM tool for identifying relevant content, ranking them, and queuing them to be shared on other social media accounts as well.

All you have to do is to provide a list of relevant keywords and this tool will generate a content feed with stories related to the keywords. Just click on the story you want to share and DrumUp will add it to the queue.



Formerly Twtrland, Klear is the tool that you will need to identify true influencers on Facebook. There are thousands of so-called “influencers” on Facebook but not all are worthy to be associated with your brand. Which is why Klear acts as both an influencer-identification platform as well as an analytics dashboard. Using this Facebook SMM two you can search influencers by skills, location, fan base, etc.  

Not only Klear allows you to easily look at the top content of an influencer but it also shows the activity and responsiveness levels the content gets.


What the above image shows are a few examples of what Canva can create for Facebook marketers. This design tool can create any kind of image for empowering your Facebook marketing efforts. An incredibly intuitive designing tool, Canva comes with pre-sized templates for Facebook posts, page covers, and app covers. It’s a drag-and-drop online designer that anyone can use.

Now you are decently equipped to take charge of your Facebook marketing campaigns. These tools are excellent for any level of Facebook social media marketing.