ClickFunnels Review


Once I realized how big of a name ClickFunnels had become, I decided to give it a try. While conducting some research I learned ClickFunnels is the biggest SaaS marketing company currently in existence. The ClickFunnels reviews were good, the users said they were making money and claimed visitors to their websites were transformed into customers. I also realized just how popular ClickFunnels had become. Since then I have learned why it is so important for both online marketing and eCommerce.

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I own a midsized eCommerce business. After six months of using ClickFunnels, I have been able to significantly increase sales without immersing myself in complex market technology. My business is more successful than in the past and I have greatly increased my customer base. I will not say it happened overnight because it took time. I will say I am now a devout believer in ClickFunnels and highly recommend it for every online marketing and eCommerce business.

The History of ClickFunnels

Russell Brunson is the founder of ClickFunnels. His ingenuity and creation made him famous and earned him a well-deserved fortune. Russell was always passionate about sales funnels, but he did not master the concept immediately. He wrote two books to help people learn his marketing methodologies, Expert Secrets and DotCom Secrets. I was impressed by the reviews for both books. ClickFunnels initially began as a means of helping Russell and his team in the creation of funnels

At this time, Russell was involved with several different ventures. He did not want to wait for weeks for the development of his funnels. He quickly realized his creation could help others. He knew his product had tremendous potential. Every individual who owns or runs an eCommerce store is already familiar with the importance of a good marketing funnel.

What is a Marketing Funnel?

A marketing funnel is simply a process to take individuals and transform them into customers. For my eCommerce business, there are steps I have to take to guide my visitors directly to my checkout page. Picture a funnel in your mind. Now imagine pouring website visitors or web traffic into your funnel. As your visitors go through the funnel, they look around and see what is available. When the website is well designed and the content on the cutting edge, you gain customers.

There is a little more required to transform visitors into customers, but this is a general idea. If I owned a physical store without a cash register, my customers would leave without being able to make a purchase. If my register was hidden, I would still be unable to make any sales. If I had a cash register in plain view, I could entice my customers into making a purchase. Everything works differently for an eCommerce store because the consumers are not physically present.

The only way to achieve success with an eCommerce store is by using a funnel. The funnel appeals to visitors because the basis is psychology. As potential customers progress through each step of the funnel, their interest is peaked. Eventually, the visitors arrive at the payment page, and the merchant is left with customers as opposed to visitors. There are four different stages in every funnel. These are:

Awareness: When visitors initially enter your funnel, they do not know what products or services are offered by your business. During this stage, their attention is caught by what your business is offering.

Interest: Only visitors interested in your products or services will make it to the second stage of your funnel. Your potential clients are effectively narrowed down to those interested in what your business is offering.

Evaluation: Once a visitor becomes interested in what you are offering, they will begin evaluating if they want to make a purchase. The majority of potential buyers will make a purchase from either your business or a competitor. Your visitors will then think about the pros and cons of your products or services.

Managing Affiliates: There is an affiliate center built right into ClickFunnels. I added my affiliate programs so I could manage my affiliates easily. This is extremely important for driving traffic to your services or products. Once you enter the affiliate center, your commission structure can be customized. You can add promotional materials, sub-IDs or tier structure

Action: Once your visitors reach the end of the funnel, they will decide whether they want to move forward or decline your offer. At this point, ClickFunnels becomes critical for your success.

When I first heard about everything ClickFunnels could do for my business, I was extremely skeptical. I did not completely believe everything I heard was true, but I was interested. It is important to understand ClickFunnels is effective for selling both digital and physical products. Marketers and eCommerce businesses can use the product to establish a successful business. I have detailed the most important core uses of ClickFunnel below.

Building Marketing Pages: A marketing page is any website page enabling your business to make money. ClickFunnels can be used for the creation of any kind of online page including:

• Webinar pages

• Checkout pages

• Sales Pages

• Order pages

• Bridge pages

• Squeeze pages

• Opt-in pages

I have found the most difficult part of creating all of these pages is the time necessary to create them from scratch. Sometimes, inspiration is incredibly hard to find no matter where you look. I admit I hated the amount of time I used to spend perfecting copy. One of the best benefits of ClickFunnels is the elimination of this task. You receive a tremendous amount of page templates ideal for all of your marketing pages.

All I had to do was choose the one I wanted to use, then customize the template until I had exactly what I wanted. At this point, I started to think Russel may be a marketing genius.

Hosting Courses and Memberships: One of the ClickFunnels features I enjoy the most is the Membership area. This is how I was able to build and host quickly and easily. I want to mention I recommended ClickFunnels to a friend of mine interested in generating a passive income. I was not surprised when he succeeded beautifully. All I know is I did not have to understand line after line of snippets to create a course. I was able to set up quickly and easily.

I have never used anything so simple and effective in all my years as a businessman. One of the best benefits of ClickFunnels is the ability to create and host all of your own courses. This is invaluable for handling both your marketing and sales requirements

Managing Affiliates: There is an affiliate center built right into ClickFunnels. I added my affiliate programs so I could manage my affiliates easily. This is extremely important for driving traffic to your services or products. Once you enter the affiliate center, your commission structure can be customized. You can add promotional materials, sub-IDs or tier structure

Building Lists and Following Up: Standard page builders offer you tools to acquire leads. No backend functionalities are included such as a nurturing feature, followup or autoresponder. ClickFunnels is completely different because you can capture and store leads, perform follow-ups and nurture in the same platform. The majority of the smart actions are a direct result of the follow-up funnel. This is a tool provided by ClickFunnels enabling the creation of simple and sophisticated funnels

You can talk to each individual customer using their information as a basis including who they are, where they came from and what they have purchased. All of this information is learned through your funnel.

Shopping Cart Solution: There is an inbuilt shopping cart in ClickFunnels I found to be an ideal solution for both physical and digital orders. The integration of third-party tools to make sales has been effectively eliminated. I had no difficulty setting up a shopping cart. There was no need for integrations or the creation of a special design. All you need to do is Add Product, then fill in the details of your products or services.

Running Webinar Events: ClickFunnels enabled my business to launch an online event funnel. The funnel pitches, teaches and sells my products. I was amazed when I realized the software covered everything. Even though I have been online for a long period of time, I had never conducted a webinar until I used ClickFunnels. I had no idea what to expect, but my results were sensational. Now I finally understand the true power of a webinar.

How To Use ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels offers a variety of pre-designed funnels. Each funnel was created for different types of businesses and industries. There is a funnel available no matter what type of business you have or your industry. You can create your funnel quickly by following specific steps. The ClickFunnels team has created a product absolutely perfect for my business needs.

My only issue is I was too stubborn to try CliickFunnels sooner. I have outlined the steps for creating a simple lead generation funnel using ClickFunnels below.

Step One: Select Your Goal

Go to the ClickFunnels dashboard, then click Build Funnel. Your goal choices are host webinars, sell product and collect emails. Give your funnel a name, then click on Build Funnel.

Once you click on Build Funnel, you will see more than a dozen lead generation or opt-in templates. Once you have chosen a template, the next step is selecting your main funnel template. Your lead generation funnel can be easily customized in any way you choose. The following steps will enable you to access the editor to make any changes you desire. After you have chosen a specific funnel template to add to your ClickFunnels account, you will automatically enter the funnel manager

Step Three: Using the Editor for Modifying and Customizing the Funnel

ClickFunnels was right on target with the main editor. I believe this is the most important feature of any sales funnel. To initiate the builder/editor page, click on the Edit Page button. This is where you will perform the editing and customization to make certain your funnel template is a perfect match for your business. This includes the business name, information and logo. You have the ability to customize every single page in your logo to suit your specific needs.

Do not forget to click on the Save button every time you initiate a change. The button is located in the top, right corner of the ClickFunnels editor. You will find funnel templates perfect for every industry. Entrepreneurs in different fields have conducted case studies that were fantastic including

• eCommerce

• Network Marketing

• Non Profit• B2B

• Freelancer/Agency• Blogging/Affiliate marketing• Local business

• Consulting/Coaching• Info Products

How Much Does ClickFunnels Cost?

ClickFunnels offers four different price models. Clickfunnels pricing is dependent on the plan. The cost of the ClickFunnel plans are

 The cost of the Startup plan is $97 each month

• The cost of the Full Suite is $297 per month

• Funnel Hacks is priced at $997 every six months

• Funnel Hacks is priced at $1.997 every 12 months

The biggest difference between the Startup and Full Suite plans is the number of sales funnels and landing pages allocated each month. For $97 per month, the Startup ClickFunnels plan enables the creation of:

• A maximum of 20 funnels

• The ability to send a maximum of 20,000 visitors pages

• 100 pages

For $297 per month, the Full Suite plan enables the creation of:

• Unlimited funnels

• Unlimited visitors

• Unlimited pages

Is ClickFunnels Worth It?

I have found ClickFunnels to be a legitimate marketing program. I encourage everyone to at least try the program. I have personally recommended ClickFunnels to several of my friends and business associates. The landing page builder is solid, there is an easy learning curve, the templates are excellent and the integrations both simple and effective. I have found ClickFunnels succeeded with its objective, to make funneling traffic easier to achieve a significantly higher conversion rate.

 I firmly believe the majority of all potential users will find ClickFunnels efficient for increasing visitor conversions. I recommend ClickFunnel for anyone interested in a landing page editor or an excellent sales solution. When I initially tried ClickFunnel, I had a lot of doubts. I did not believe a simple tool could dramatically improve my bottom line. I have never been more pleased to admit I was wrong. ClickFunnel is everything the company states and more.

Will You Do This Super Cool New Challenge With Me?

This year I’m putting more focus on implementation. There is a lot information on the internet but what’s the point of reading dozens of eBooks if you don’t take any action? That’s why I recommend trying the “One Funnel Away” challenge offered by ClickFunnels. In this challenge you will be coached for 30 days by lead experts to build your funnel and launch your business online. The core of the program is centered around working on proven techniques to help you succeed and force entrepreneurs into going live with their brand.

You’re only one funnel away from success so – if you’ve been looking to launch your online brand but could use some direction click on the image below to start the one funnel away challenge.