Kinsta Managed WordPress Review


Kinsta was established in 2013 by a team of WordPress experts unsatisfied with the managed WordPress hosting solutions available. The company has become one of the WordPress hosts with the fastest growth in both the United States and Europe. The Google Cloud Platform is the exclusive host for Kinsta. Every support engineer working for Kinsta is a WordPress developer. These engineers are responsible for developing the WordPress plugins and themes. The company offers customer support 24/7 every day of the year. According to independent testing, one of the WordPress hosts with the highest performance is Kinsta. The company has been awarded the Top Tier hosting award for WordPress hosting performance for five years in a row. Kinsta hosting is an excellent option for owners of WordPress sites due to the fast loading times. The service is used by developers, eCommerce stores and anyone interested in a high-quality hosting service.

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Exceptionally Fast Servers: 

The first thing any website owner considers is speed. Speed is critical since it often makes the difference between the ultimate failure or success of the website. Speed is also incredibly important for determining the general ranking of the search engines. Even quality themes, external scripts and plugins are not as important as speed. Kinsta’s exceptionally fast servers provide website owners with incredible speed


Uptime is just as important as speed. This ensures the site is functional to enable user access. The host is responsible for the majority of the uptime in addition to the period of time when the site is down. Once the website is down, traffic will be lost. If the site is down for a long period of time, the users will stop attempting to access the site. This can damage the reputation of the website. Downtime is not an issue with Kinsta. The average uptime is 100 percent. The average time required for response is just 489ms.

Automatic Backup: 

Kinsta provides automatic backups with every plan. Entry-level plans enable the user to set backups for a 14-day minimum. Higher subscription plans enable longer backups. The process to restore a backup is both fast and incredibly smooth. Kinsta offers the option of installing the back up on either a test environment or a live site. Users can even perform backups bu the hour or day simply by paying an additional fee each month.

Google Cloud Platform: 

One of the most important features for Kinsta web hosting is the Google Cloud platform. The majority of hosting providers currently available do not offer this platform. This is one feature that places Kinsta above the competition. Users have the ability to receive Google’s help while hosting and maintaining their website.

Free Site Migration: 

Due to the cost, site migration has become a major concern. Kinsta eliminates this concern by providing free migration for every user’s WordPress site. Once the user has signed up for hosting, the site migration can be achieved directly through the Kinsta dashboard. All that is required is filling out the migration form prior to scheduling a migration with the Kinsta team. The migration period does not require any downtime. The Kinsta migration platform ensures everything goes according to schedule.

Excellent Customer Support: 

Good customer service is critical for web hosting. Access to the website can be limited due to the smallest issue. The results are often disastrous. Kinsta enables the user to contact customer support fast and easy. This means any issues can be resolved smoothly. The customer service team is very effective in fixing any issues. Kinsta offers users an exceptional live chat feature. The response of the customer support team is fast. In most cases, the team can be reached within just a few minutes. The team is helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. According to the official Kinsta website, the average response time of the support team is one minute and 35 seconds. The median time is approximately 48 minutes and 37 seconds. This is an incredible figure when the 30-minute initial response time of most web hosting companies is considered. Kinsta also saves all of the live chats. This offers the user the ability to review past conversations. Live chat can be accessed easily from the dashboard with a simple right-click of the mouse. The process is even faster because authentication is not necessary. Numerous web hosts are slow because account passwords, generated codes or credit card numbers are required for authentication on live chat. Kinsta’s approach is not only faster, but it is also a lot better.

Staging Site: 

Kinsta enables users to use a test environment for the creation of a duplicate of the live website. This process can be used to make any necessary changes. These changes are made by the developer on the staging site. All changes receive immediate approval prior to being transferred to the live website. Account Management Dashboard: Kinsta provides a customized dashboard for account management. Users can navigate the portal easily to complete different tasks. This includes updating plugins, backup management and the creation of new websites through WordPress. The dashboard can be used for viewing statistics for resource usage to determine consumption for the plan. Users can also see analytics for website visitors by using the same dashboard.

Highly Scalable Hosting Environment: 

Kinsta sites load extremely quickly. The hosting environment was also designed for high scalability. For this reason, the hosting plan is irrelevant regarding scalability. When website visitors surge, there are available hardware resources. This ensures an automatic increase to make certain the website can handle the surge in visitors. There are a lot of web hosts where a surge in visitors results in the website either going offline or slowing down. The needs of the website are met through a combination of the Google Cloud platform and Kinsta

Expert Support Staff for WordPress: 

Every member of the Kinstra help desk staff is also a professional WordPress developer. This ensures the websites have professional support in addition to being properly maintained. The staff hired by Kinsta already have an impressive background in developing WordPress sites as opposed to trying to train new staff members. The knowledge of the staff is a guarantee the website will be supported using the highest possible quality. This makes certain the hosting environment is always up to date and optimized according to the most recent changes to the software for WordPress. The staff members make important contributions to the core software for WordPress. This means every user is supporting WordPress in addition to Kinsta. As one of the top hosting services for WordPress, Kinsta makes certain users can contact the support staff 24/7, 365 days every year for any help required with hosting a website.

International Audiences and the Global Network: 

Kinsta is able to provide a competitive service globally due to the 22 data center locations currently available. These sites are found in numerous locations including the United States, Europe, Australia and Asia. This means no matter what the location is for the website’s audience, there is a good chance one of the data centers is nearby. If more than one WordPress site is being hosted through the same account, the user can choose a different data center for hosting each website.

Cutting Edge Security: 

Despite not being flashy, the features available through Kinsta are impressive. This is what ensures the website will be both consistent and fast. The security features are no exception because Kinsta has provided all of the patching necessary for vulnerabilities in the infrastructure of the website. This begins with daily automatic backups. With one click, the user can browse, download and restore right from the dashboard. Depending on the plan, backups are held for 14 to 30 days. Since the backups can be downloaded by the user, they can be retained indefinitely. Kinsta recommends having a good backup service for storing copies of the website for all users downloading backups. If the user is making any changes to the website, manual backup points can be made easily. The number of backups available is dependent on the plan. These backups are unnecessary because for an additional feel, backups can be made through Kinsta every hour or every six hours for frequently changing sites. 

The plans also include an SSL certificate for free. This lower-level certificate will enable the user to open encrypted connections between the server and site visitors. If the user requires an SSL/TLC certificate for an e-commerce store, it can be imported by the user directly through the dashboard. Kinsta does not use traditional malware scanning or removal. As opposed to running ads for a scanning tool, the Kinsta infrastructure is secured in a different way. Kinsta uses attack detection, uptime monitoring and hardware firewalls behind the scenes. This is a fantastic security feature. The security guarantee offered by Kinsta states if the website is compromised, Kinsta will help clean the site at no charge making it one of the best managed WordPress hosting solutions. The team will help with the reinstallation or repair of the WordPress core, all FTP and database passwords will be reset, and the area where the malware is located will be identified. When the website is cleaned, the removal of the malicious code is ensured. Kinsta will make certain all content and databases are completely intact. All the user has to do is reinstall the themes and plugins. The majority of web hosts will charge hundreds of dollars to clean just one website. If Kinsta was not extremely confident in its infrastructure, this service would not be provided for free.


Kinsta offers a transparent privacy policy. Just like any web host, personal information required by Kinsta is collected at checkout through the server logs. Unless mandated by law, Kinsta does not allow any third-parties to handle this information. Kinsta does not sell or post any information. The only exceptions are a few necessary third-parties accessing information for strict circumstances only. The privacy policy openly outlines all of these third-parties. Stripe has access to billing information because this company processes the payments. Website data can be seen by Google Cloud because this is where the websites are hosted. The Kinsta privacy policy is extremely straightforward. The privacy policy for Google Cloud clearly states no data will be used for advertising. The network will never enable surveillance from the government. This means the users do not have to be concerned about the information available to either Google Cloud or Kinsta

Kinsta Web Hosting Plans Kinsta offers users a variety of web hosting plans.

Kinsta Pricing for thei hosting plan includes: 

Starter Plan: For $30 per month, the Kinsta starter plan includes one WordPress install, three GB of disk space and 20,000 website visitors.

Pro Plan: For $60 per month, the Pro plan includes two WordPress installs, six GB of disk space and 40,000 website visitors. 

Business Plans: The cost of the Business plans is between $100 and $400 each month for three WordPress installs, 80 GB of disk space and 1,000,000 website visitors.

Enterprise Plans: For $600 monthly, the Enterprise plans provide 60 WordPress installs, 80 GB of disk space and 1,000,000 website visitors. If any of the above plans are paid for on an annual basis, Kinsta provides a two-month bonus. This includes a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for free. All of the above plans include a money-back guarantee for 30-days. 

Pros and Cons 

The Pros: 

• Fast

• Free SSL/TLS certificate

• Great feature set

• Intuitive dashboard

• Daily backups

• Solid-state drive storage

• Good load impact performance

• Free content delivery network

• Malware removal 

The Cons: 

• Kinsta can only be used for WordPress websites

• Kinsta only offers cloud hosting

Bottom Line Kinsta offers users a wide range of impressive management tools for WordPress in addition to a clean UX. The service provides all of the scaling advantages and speeds possible due to a cloud-based host. When highly-skilled and professional WordPress developers make up the support team, the result is an exceptional solution for web hosting. Kinsta is one of the best options available, and the price is competitive.